Welcome to the Farm


Morning Joy Farm is a third generation, family owned, pasture-based, local-market farm located on the rolling plains of central North Dakota.

We produce:

Pastured Eggs

Pastured Chicken

Pastured Turkeys

Pastured Pork

Grass-fed Lamb

We are in the regeneration business:  regenerating the land, regenerating our food system, regenerating our local economies, and regenerating our communities.

In our on-farm commercial kitchen, we can provide homemade catered meals for your special event or help you provide delicious, whole food meals direct from your freezer.

Come, experience the joy of knowing your farmer and knowing your food!

We’re glad you came by....

How to Get Our Products

Buying Club

  1. Order our farm and kitchen products monthly.

bulk buying

  1. Place your order for large quantities of meat starting March 1st.


  1. We can cater your special event with delicious homemade foods.

Freezer club

  1. Feed your family delicious, whole food meals right from your own freezer.


It’s all about the soil....